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Welcome Home

WelcomeThank you for visiting the St. Catherine of Siena diocesan page.  Our Diocese is charged with celebrating the Sacraments under the authority of the Old Catholic Churches International. We are an open, embracing, and safe-space church gathering together under the teachings of the Christ, Jesus. Our openness is a genuine spiritual character reaching beyond conventional boundaries to embrace a genuine universality. We balance that openness by living the teachings of love, compassion, and forgiveness as taught by the Christ.

Our ministries in the diocese are as varied as our servants.  Our “servant vicar” is a licensed psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor who serves the poor and disenfranchised through an outpatient clinic on the north-side of Milwaukee County.  He also celebrates weekly mass in the rectory, which is open to the public.  Our servant in the Oshkosh area is creating a mission niché serving the marginalized and downtrodden.  He is also a Red Cross volunteer Chaplain and is a leader is his zone.

Ours is a unique charism of serving all walks of life with a focus on good mental health and positive spiritual growth.  As Dominicans, we teach against errors of all kinds while embracing all in a strong show of community.

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A Message From Our Servant.

“The thorn in my side deepens with every breath and has become a knife; deftly wielded by an invisible hand, it prods me on to continue my journey – it has become my lover and my most hated friend. My mind is full of awe and wonder for things I can never understand. My soul cannot separate from mysteries better left to those who understand such matters; I wander in anticipation of my beloved fool who returns in every celebration. Through the invisible pain, I celebrate – the pain deepens and I am satisfied, until again my soul is filled with awe and wonder for things I can never understand.” (Fr. Mateo, 2016).

Thank you for walking this sacred journey and for helping to grow this diocese.  We will continue to watch for you in the Celebration of the Sacraments!

Fr. Kenneth J. (Mateo) Nelan, OPoc